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Cannabis is hard. Legacy or licensed market. Rich or poor. Garden or suit. Cannabis is hard as fuck.

Most of us are broke or severely in debt; it's not cheap to get here, be here, or stay here, if you were rich coming in you're likely going to lose your shirt on the way out, if you make some money hopefully you've done it with integrity

All of us have been betrayed; maybe not all but ya know this is not for the faint of heart, most of us jumped with all the excitement and wonder in the world with those closest to us becoming our backers, business partners, and coworkers; choosing to walk away from a matrix paycheck is super cool on the gram, in real life it's way more complex and messy, the plant attracts bizarre personalities and motivations

Licensed weed is trash; no no it really truly is, state government officials have no idea what cannabis is let alone how to write decent policy, state and local government corruption is rampant and unchecked, state testing requirements ruin the medical efficacy of legal weed, we're making a sacred, medicinal plant toxic

Everyone works long hours; even the snaking faking IG trolls put in hours, this is not an easy game no matter your skills or bank account, even the rich people are working their asses off, we're just getting started so eat your vegetables and drink your water, and don't be an asshole

Legal weed is racist and capitalist; it's a Harvard Business School case study in everything wrong with everything, the licensed market is largely a white man's game, its a primarily pay to play game, we continue to pretend healing means "moving on" and "creating jobs" as a (white) collective it's bizarre and dangerous to the true collective

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