• Ashley Nickel


Updated: Mar 29

Let's talk about why.

The governing bodies responsible for writing and implementing cannabis regulations are operating with this foundational assumption:

weed is dangerous

The government is attempting to regulate the danger out of weed.

If the foundational assumption is faulty the rules, regulations, and policies born from said assumption will also be faulty.

Most legal states have the following in common: no expungement actions, high barriers to entry, stringent testing standards, and zoning restrictions. Policies and practices designed to mitigate the danger of weed.

If you were to ask the craft, caregiver, legal community - "what is dangerous about weed?" - what do you think their answer would be. Hint; it's not mold and mildew, it's the government.

An additional thought experiment:

how would the policies and regulations look different

if the foundational assumption of the government was

weed is a sacred medicinal plant that has many known and unknown healing properties.

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